Apetech Weekly (4/26 – 5/2) Digest – TLDR;

It’s been a long week! This past week, I mainly stuck to my commitments and managed to do at least 55% of my to-do list. This is much better than the 30% I got to last week. Let me tell you, having a planner really seems to do the trick for me. I write everythingContinue reading “Apetech Weekly (4/26 – 5/2) Digest – TLDR;”

Apetech Weekly (4/12 – 4/19) Digest – TLDR;

I quit my job a couple weeks ago. I have been super busy building out 18 sources of income and I wanted to share with you some of the things I created this week. I’m posting things daily and I get it, you are busy. But here’s everything that happened this past week in caseContinue reading “Apetech Weekly (4/12 – 4/19) Digest – TLDR;”

Apetech Weekly Digest – TLDR;

YouTube Videos Blog Posts Raspberry Pi 4 VS Raspberry Pi 400 https://apetechda.medium.com/raspberry-pi-4-vs-raspberry-pi-400-b6e766a56e49 Pomodoro With Kids https://apetechda.medium.com/pomodoro-with-kids-1c985056ea32 Setting up Micro:bit Classroom https://apetech.blog/2021/02/26/microbit-build-your-classroom/ Cyber Security Podcast Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok