The Best Browsers for Your Privacy in 2021

Today we are going to be taking a deep dive into browser privacy. Piggybacking off my article last week, I want to explore different popular web browsers and see which one protects your privacy the most.  Maybe it is time that you change up browsers.  What is browser privacy Every browser is created differently.  MostContinue reading “The Best Browsers for Your Privacy in 2021”

How to Make Your First Scratch Program

Introduction: With an account in hand, it is time to sign in to Scratch and create your very first program. When you are done with this tutorial, you’ll be able to create an awesome first project that you’ll want to share with your friends and family. Audience: cratch is intended to be easy enough forContinue reading “How to Make Your First Scratch Program”

Apetech Weekly (4/26 – 5/2) Digest – TLDR;

It’s been a long week! This past week, I mainly stuck to my commitments and managed to do at least 55% of my to-do list. This is much better than the 30% I got to last week. Let me tell you, having a planner really seems to do the trick for me. I write everythingContinue reading “Apetech Weekly (4/26 – 5/2) Digest – TLDR;”

iOS 14.5: Your Data, Your Choice – Why Privacy Matters

Today we are going to be taking a deep dive into online privacy. Privacy has been in the news a lot recently, and if you own an iPhone with the latest update from April 26, iOS 14.5 then, you’ve probably noticed a new pop up that shows up on your screen when you launch anContinue reading “iOS 14.5: Your Data, Your Choice – Why Privacy Matters”

Botnets – The Victimless Crime?

Today we are going to be talking about botnets. You might have heard about bots in the news or from a friend. Not all bots are created equal. There are good bots and there are bad ones. The good ones, like chatbots help businesses with common customer service activities such as answering common questions. OtherContinue reading “Botnets – The Victimless Crime?”

Data Breach 101 – Everything You Need to Know.

Introduction Today we are going to be talking about data breaches? Data breaches, we have all probably heard about them before in the news.  There have been some very significant breaches like the data breaches that occurred to Yahoo and Target.  These data breaches have cost millions of dollars.  They have exposed sensitive customer dataContinue reading “Data Breach 101 – Everything You Need to Know.”

Apetech Weekly (4/12 – 4/19) Digest – TLDR;

I quit my job a couple weeks ago. I have been super busy building out 18 sources of income and I wanted to share with you some of the things I created this week. I’m posting things daily and I get it, you are busy. But here’s everything that happened this past week in caseContinue reading “Apetech Weekly (4/12 – 4/19) Digest – TLDR;”

Getting Started with Scratch 3.0

What is Scratch? Scratch is a programming language developed by the folks over at MIT. It is a great way to introduce students into computer programming. Scratch uses a graphical interface which makes it fun and simple to learn real programming concepts. The platform is well documented and there are hundreds of tutorials showcasing allContinue reading “Getting Started with Scratch 3.0”

Observe, Help and Report using micro:bit classroom

Today we are going to look into the Student code page and what it provides for the teacher/instructor hosting the micro:bit classroom. In this section you will be able to see all your student’s work in almost real time. What does it mean to look at the work “near real time?” Well this means youContinue reading “Observe, Help and Report using micro:bit classroom”