Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu

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Today we are going to be taking a closer look at the Women’s CyberJutsu organization.  This organization is a non-profit that encourages women to take on cybersecurity roles.  They build a community of knowledge and encouragement and I think it’s a great way to get more females into the industry.  Let’s take a deeper look and see what they can offer you.

I think the Women’s Society of CyberJutsu is awesome.  I’ve been in the tech industry my entire career and there really is a need for more females in the industry.  The program is designed to encourage girls to get into STEM by offering a hands-on curriculum.  The program was started in 2012 and is run by volunteers.  Besides the hands-on training, WSCJ also offers networking opportunities, access to conferences, and leadership training.  One of the benefits that I find the most interesting is their study groups. Jumping in the field of cybersecurity can be challenging for anyone.  Having a great support group to help guide you through the different hoops you have to go through to enter the field is amazing.  These groups offer sessions where you can study for specific exams which, based on my experience, really do make a difference.  

I was trying to get someone that is a member to join the show, but due to the sensitivity of their work, they told me they couldn’t come on the show.  I’m going to see if I can find someone in the future, but for now, I thought it would still be beneficial to at least look at their website and discuss the details that are shared publicly.

If you are someone that is wanting to get into the field of cybersecurity, I would recommend you join a group like this.  Joining a technical field is pretty daunting as it is right now, but having a great support group can make a major difference.  I know that if something like this would have existed when I was trying to decide if I wanted to become an engineer, my life would have been a little easier.  I had so many questions and I didn’t have any resources to help answer them for me.  This group, and groups like this, are a great way to network and build community.  

If you are a student, or if you know a student that is interested in tech, I would recommend you take a look at Cyber Jutsu or similar programs.  Besides the networking, learning, and community benefits, you also get access to a couple of other perks such as discounts to certifications.  Certifications can help you stand out and can be valuable for people looking for a career change.  

If you are interested in supporting the program, they also take donations which are a tax deduction and you can also support via Amazonsmile which is a program designed to donate a small portion of your purchase to the organization of your choice.  

I would also recommend you check out their events page and see if there’s something that might interest you.  For me, having access to the study groups is super beneficial and makes the membership worth it.  Studying for these tests can be challenging and having a group of likeminded people, going through the same struggle can make all the difference in the world.  

Membership is 50 dollars for students and military.  If you are not a student or military, the full membership is 100 dollars.  Depending on where you are in life, this membership might be thing that you need to help you get started with your technical careers.

Personally, being a member of a group is very important for growth.  My advice to you would be that if you join a group, try not to be shy.  Joining a group like Cyber Jutsu isn’t going to be a silver bullet answer.  All your problems, doubts, and uncertainty are not going to magically go away.  To get the most out of a group like this, you need to invest your time and commit to getting the most out of it.  Reach out to the members of the group, attend the events, and be an active participant.  I know that this can sometimes be hard, but I assure you that if you step out of your comfort zone, you will be able to reap the benefits.  

There you have it, your overview on the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu. Are you a part of any tech organization?  There are many orgs out there that each have their own specialization.  When I was in college, being a part of the Association for Computing Machinery was super important to my overall success.  I was part of the local student chapter which meant I had access to a ton of resources that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.  I built community and relationships with the other students in the organization.  I had a blast being an active member of that community and I highly encourage you to seek out a similar organization if you are thinking of joining something new.  

Well that’s it for this episode.  I hope you enjoyed it.  If you feel that someone you know could benefit from listening to this episode, please feel free to share it with them.  I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my podcast and thanks for the support! Thanks for being a part of this journey with me.  See you on the next one!



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