micro:bit Student’s Perspective

Let look into detail at what students will see when they enter the URL you provide them. Remember to provide the students with the Classroom name and PIN as well. Note that the teacher/instructor session has to be active for the students to be able to enter the classroom.

The student will enter the details provided by the teacher/instructor in the designated fields for Colour, Animal, Transport, Object and PIN. Then click on Continue.

In the next page the student will be prompted to enter their name and then click on Continue.

The micro:bit code area will appear for the student. Here the student can move, pull and connect blocks to make a program. They can test using the simulated micro:bit on the screen or download it on the actual physical micro:bit by clicking on Download. When the student is done with the project/activity thy can go ahead an click on the I’ve finished button at the top right corner.

When the student clicks on I’ve finished the student will be prompted to rate their experience with the activity. This can be use for the teacher to understand how students are fining the activities.

Finally the student will see the page above, celebrating with them their accomplishment. The can go ahead and click on Sign out.

That is it, the student portal/view is more to the point as to not confuse them. All they have to do is join with the clues/information the teacher has provided and get to creating something fun.

Full Video Tutorial:


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